Angexis Outdoor is no longer functional due to financial reasons

Privacy matters. Please read those explanation regarding your privacy carefully.

Permissions of the application

Angexis Outdoor requires following permissions:

Collected data and purposes

The application sends following personal data, in a secured manner, to the web site of Angexis Outdoor:

Optionally (can be turned off in the application settings) following data will be share, in a not secured manner

Data confidentiality

Except, of course, in case of an alert or in case of explicit sharing via e-mail, no personal data are shared with third parties: neither your personal data, nor the personal data of your contacts.

In case of an alert, or explicit sharing via e-mail, the data of the latest track are shared with people you selected to rescue you.

In order for the alerted people to view those data without the need for a specific account, your track data will be visible to anyone holding the link sent as part of the alert message, or the sharing e-mail.
That link is however an impossible one to guess and if anyone would find it by raw luck (there are 10 power 38 possible links), the displayed web page does not mention who you are.
Additionally, to avoid the need for alerted people to copy such a complex link from an SMS alert on their computer, the SMS alerts hold a code (with 24 millions possible values), which along with the 4 last digits of their phone number, will also give them access to the track. This code is only valid for 24 to 48 hours though.

Within Angexis, the persons empowered to browse your location data are allowed to do so, only with your prior consent, for research and development goals or if you require access yourself to your personal data.

The sent e-mails and text messages (SMS) are carried by by different service providers (carriers) which may keep track of the e-mail and SMS content and data.

Angexis Outdoor web site is hosted at Google, which adheres to the Safe Harbor principles and who claims not to share the stored data with third parties.

Data storage duration

Your track data are stored for a duration that cannot exceed 2 months (in practice, they are erased after 1 month) and can be erased at any time from within the application.

Other data holding the date and duration of your usage of the service are stored up to a year.

The log file of the server (holding the IP address of the phone(s)/computer(s) you use to connect) are kept for 90 days

Your rights of data access

Conforming to French law, you are granted a right of access and rectification of your personal data stored by Angexis. You can exercise it by addressing a request to Angexis

Angexis Outdoor has performed a data declaration to the French CNIL

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